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FREE CoverGirl Blush at Walmart!

In today’s paper (10/2) you should have received the P&G Coupon Insert. Inside is an $8/2 FACE PRODUCT coupon. Face products have been defined as foundation, concealer, powder and blush. The CG Cheekers blush is priced at $3.97 each at my Walmart. In other regions I’ve heard it priced even less. I made 3 cents off of each blush I “bought” today. I had three coupons so I bought six blushes FOR FREE AND had change to apply to my other items. Go get a paper if you haven’t, yet! One compact of blush will more than pay for the money you spend on the paper and you will walk out with two of them! :-) You may just want to buy two of them if you like CoverGirl Blush! I have some rockin’ ladies in my church who hook me up with the coupons they don’t use so I only buy one paper.

Thanks to MoneySavingMom.com for alerting me to this deal HERE!

GIVEAWAY: $25 Gift Card to WALMART

It’s time for another giveaway on jessicasheets.com!

As mentioned in my previous post, Walmart is the place to shop for all of your back to school needs AND for all of the products containing Box Tops for Education that will allow you to help earn cash for your child’s school. You can learn more about Box Tops for Education HERE. In order to encourage you to purchase products from General Mills that contain the Box Tops, Walmart and General Mills are offering one of my readers a chance to win a $25 Gift Card to Walmart!!!

Here is what I used my own $25 gift card that was graciously sent to me from Walmart and General Mills through MyBlogSpark. I used my gift card to specifically purchase items with Box Tops so my readers could get some ideas on what to look for on the shelves. I ONLY used my gift card to get these things. Just think how many more you could get if you stacked coupons with this gift card.

Here’s How To Enter: (You can enter up to four times.)

1st entry: In the comment section, share which Box Tops items you plan to purchase with your gift card. Or, what Back To School needs would you take care of with this gift card?? Be sure to provide your email address in the space provided before leaving your comment (I will be the only one to see your email address and will need it to contact you if you win).

2nd entry: Subscribe to my blog (Look in the top right hand corner for a link to the RSS feed–it’s orange and white) then come back here and leave a separate comment saying you’ve subscribed.

3rd entry: Blog about my giveaway on your own blog and leave a link to this post. Come back here and leave a separate comment sharing the link to your blog post.

4th entry: Follow me: @jsheets on Twitter. Tweet about this giveaway by clicking the blue Tweet box in the top left hand corner of this post. By clicking, a direct link will show up in a box for you. All you have to do is hit the gray box with the word TWEET in it. Come back here and leave a separate comment with your twitter handle (and the link to your tweet, if possible).

This giveaway starts on Monday, August 8, 2011 and ends on Monday, August 15, 2011 at 11:59 PM EST. This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents at this time.

May the best shopper win! :-)

“Disclosure: The information and $25 gift card to Walmart has been provided by Walmart and General Mills through MyBlogSpark.”

School Time, Box Tops and Walmart….(A Giveaway Coming SOON)!!!

I have a five year old daughter. She happens to be starting Kindergarten on August 29th. I’ve been slightly in denial over this fact all summer, except that I have been striving to transition my precious sleeping beauty into a Quiet Time only kind of princess. Until just last week I would still find her asleep on her bed after looking at books took it’s toll on her sleepy little brain. She’d start out fully awake ready to ‘read’ her books, but would then lay right down and snooze.

Oh what happens to my heart to find her this way is hard to explain. The blush of sleep on her cheeks and the look of contentment makes it hard for me to wake her up, but I know she will struggle with night time sleep if I don’t wake her in under a certain time. To think that this little girl understands when she’s hit her limit and willingly puts herself to bed. (I’m very aware that some of you moms reading this may be slightly envious that my five year old prefers napping…Rest assured that I am mindful of my supreme blessing in having a child such as Ella. Should her brother make it to four and still be napping, I will be pleasantly surprised and VERY grateful.)

Now that the Napping to Quiet Time transition seems to be working, I am fully aware of the other things we have to accomplish. Clearance racks have been scoured for back to school clothes and I keep staring at Ella’s feet wondering if anything we currently own will still fit in three weeks. :-) We’ve also been stocking up on school supplies at Walmart. (Ok, so I will admit that the teacher in me wanted to stock up more than Ella did. I LOVE buying glue sticks and markers on SALE! I know I have a problem, at least I’m willing to confess it!) I’m thrilled that Walmart makes it easier to find what we need. Of course, I really don’t have a clue as to what all Ella will need until I get that long anticipated letter in the mail telling me EVERYTHING I’ve been dying to know (teacher, supply list, etc…), but I did teach long enough to know that crayons and glue sticks are important and you can never have too many on hand while they’re on sale. Sticker shock will set in if you wait to get the refills in the winter time–TRUST ME!!!

Another thing that I am now aware of are Box Tops for Education that appear on everything by General Mills and some other companies, as well. I now have an elementary school that needs my Box Tops. Before, I haven’t really paid attention like I should have. Do you buy items with Box Tops? Do you clip your Box Tops and turn them in???

I was approached by MyBlogSpark to do a giveaway on my blog from General Mills and Walmart to encourage others to get their back to school needs from Walmart and to find those Box Tops! They even sent me a Walmart gift card to help me find those Box Top items and back to school needs. Guess what else??? They’re letting ME host a GIVEAWAY for ANOTHER WALMART GIFT CARD to help YOU get ready for school. Can’t you just smell the glue sticks??? Oh, well maybe you would rather smell some Betty Crocker Brownies (which has Box Tops to Clip on the box, by the way). :-)

I will share more about what I used my gift card to purchase and information on the giveaway on MONDAY!!!! STAY TUNED!!!

In the mean time, do you have a child or grandchild getting ready to go back to school??? Have any Back to School traditions you’d like to share or MUST HAVE school items? Do you think I have the most precious five year old on the planet? :-) Do share in the comment section! Have a great day!

Coupons! How Do I Start? Part 2–Store Ads and Coupon Policies

As you learned in Coupons! How Do I Start?, you have to create a decent stash of coupons to truly start jumping in on deals that are available to you. Once you have coupons, I highly recommend that you start leafing through the fliers for your local grocery stores, Walmart, Target and the drugstores like CVS, Walgreens and RiteAid. I circle anything that seems like a deal for my family that week–especially if it’s a product we buy constantly. I also circle things I know I have a coupon for that would make the product cheaper than what I pay regularly for (way cheaper, not just 20 cents cheaper, by the way). I may not need Goldfish Crackers this week, but if they are on sale for $1 I know this is the cheapest I can get them so I search for coupons and see how many I can buy. But, other things may not be discounted much, so I may still wait hoping for a better deal.

It is also extremely important to know each store’s coupon policy before you begin.




CVS–so far this policy has not been posted on-line, but I am researching how to get my hands on it. Others have posted it in the past, but I want to post the most current, if it is available. (There is a number to call: 800-SHOP-CVS or talk to your store’s manager for details.)


RITEAID (I think this one is extremely specific and helpful. Just about every question/situation is covered in this policy. Thanks, RiteAid!)

LOWES: coming soon

For those residing near me or within a few hours from me here in Shippensburg, PA, the following store policies may come in handy:



WEGMAN’S: Harrisburg, PA store


For those of you residing in other states, I have listed some of the more popular stores and their policies, but, of course, make sure to find out YOUR specific grocery store’s policy if it is not posted on-line. The customer service desk should be glad to help you.

MEIJER (Scroll down the page)

I recommend saving the policies on your computer and checking regularly to see if things have changed. A call to the store would solve this problem easily, before you set out. Also, having a printed copy in your coupon file is handy to have in case a cashier is not knowledgeable on their store’s coupon policy or it’s recent changes.

Obviously, there are many stores not listed here today. If you have a store policy to add, feel free to leave the name of the store and it’s coupon policy link in the comment section. I will add it to my post. Thanks! :-)