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Mommy, You’re Beautiful!

Ezra loves to declare these words to me at any given moment of the day. He is quick with his praise and compliments. He is also quick in getting into mischief. He knows he’s done wrong and “does his time” and usually adds, “Mommy, I love you!” or “Mommy, you’re beautiful!”

I wonder if God feels the way I do after I’ve been exasperated by my son’s actions and then hear words of endearment. Does he question my sincerity? Does he wonder if I even understand that I sinned, asked for forgiveness and then acted as if all was normal? Here’s what I do know…no matter what the offense that was committed, my unconditional love for my son will not be diminished. God’s word says that His love for us is unconditional, as well. I’m so thankful for that.