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Product Review AND Coupon Code: Vidazorb Chewable Probiotics

Vidazorb Chewable Probiotics are my stomach’s new best friend. I was contacted to try these awesome products a month or two ago and am so glad I decided to try them. Vidazorb Chewable Probiotics are simply small, chewable tablets taken at meal times but they have huge impact on our bodies despite their size. According to Vidazorb.com, probiotics “help your digestive health and overall wellness…” I agree with this statement and have experienced the results for myself. We’ve all heard about probiotics these days thanks to the yogurt commercials, but I find it difficult to eat yogurt every time my stomach is messed up. There is also a problem if someone in the family doesn’t like yogurt. Vidazorb solves that problem. They are non-refrigerated probiotics so you can take them anywhere at your convenience.

Vidazorb also makes a product specifically for kids called Belly Boost! Ella, my five year old, loves these! They’re really cute little tablets shaped like the Vidazorb character, Zorbie, who is a good bug that wants to be in your child’s belly! Ella calls these tablets her Zorbie vitamins and begs daily to take them. They are a wildberry flavor and she thinks they’re the best tasting vitamin, yet.

Some other great information about these products are listed below:
*zero calories
*contain no gluten, dairy, corn or soy
*each tablet has 10 billion CFUs of live, high-quality probiotic strains

Want to know more about the benefits of probiotics? Zorbie explains it here!

I know you want to introduce your kids to Zorbie and his healing benefits and you wouldn’t mind trying the adult version for yourself, but how can you get your hands on them??? I am pleased to share with you a 40% off discount on Vidazorb.com! Simply use the coupon code: JS40 at checkout! These babies aren’t cheap, but this discount is an awesome way to try them and stock up! Hurry! This discount won’t last forever!

*Disclaimer: Vidazorb provided me with these products to try at no cost to me. Though the products were provided, the opinions are all my own.

Have you tried this product before? Do you have your own story of how probiotics have helped you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.