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Ministry Outside the Office

My husband is a pastor of a local church here in Shippensburg, PA. He wears many hats during the week and usually has to set aside Thursdays for his largest time of sermon-writing. He prefers to visit our local coffee house for this sermon-writing time, but today just didn’t work out for him to go there. He explains more as to why he couldn’t go in his blog post here. Before you run over there to read it (which you MUST do–it’s short, but worth the read), I want to share that I had encouraged him to still find a way to get to the coffee house so he’d be less distracted with other work, but he just felt like he needed to stay at the office.

Less than an hour later, I learned why Stevan still needed to be at the office. Somebody was going to need him. Being at the coffee house may have made it harder for him to leave. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it ended up working out better than either of us could have planned. Read all about it here!

I love my husband. I am amazed at his ability to juggle his calling to ministry with his calling to his family. Today ministry and family meshed together for Stevan and Ella. I pray that my children have a stronger view of the love of their Heavenly Father because of the sacrifices my husband makes to be their Daddy AND their pastor. After reading this and Stevan’s blog, please continue to pray for our family as the Lord continues to allow us to serve Him together. Also, pray Stevan gets that sermon finished. :-)

Family Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared much about our family. We’ve been in Shippensburg, PA for 8 months now. Although it feels like we just moved in sometimes, our kids walk around the church like they own it so it’s obvious that we’ve put down some roots.

We’re experiencing many firsts here as a rookie solo pastor and his family. I’m teaching my first Children’s Sunday School class, Stevan is teaching and preaching and doing whatever else needs to be done and we’re even leading worship together. Ezra learned to walk soon after moving here and just moved to a toddler bed (sniff sniff) this weekend. He turns 2 in May! Ella loves preschool and talks about her friends daily. She registers for Kindergarten next month (sniff sniff sob). She turns 5 in April!!! To think I was concerned about their transitioning. I think Mommy and Daddy struggled with transitioning more than our kids did.:-)

Thank you, God, for confirmation in special little ways.

Enjoy these clips of our munchkins!