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Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (Product Review)

Strep Throat. It took me down hard!Dial Deep Cleansing Water Blossoms I feel like I’ve been lost all week just trying to recover now that the antibiotic has been in my system for five days. When you’re sick you and your entire household do a lot of extra hand washing. I found it rather fitting that I had just been sent some Deep Cleansing Hand Soap by Dial to review. I enjoy being a Purex Insider where I get to review fun products that the whole family can benefit from. We’ve been using the Coconut Lime Verbena and Water Blossoms scents in our bathrooms. At first, both were in our bathroom but our kids begged to have the Water Blossoms in their bathroom after they had tried out both kinds a few times. The Water Blossoms has a very pleasant scent but I prefer the Coconut Lime Verbena. Dial Deep Cleansing Coconut Lime Verbena It has that citrus-y zing that I associate with being clean. This deep cleansing hand soap has these micro-scrubbing beads in them, yet they are very moisturizing at the same time. My hands haven’t felt overly dried out upon switching my hand soaps. The scents really are wonderful and I’m glad I was sent the Coconut Lime Verbena scent, especially. It comes in one other scent that we haven’t tried, yet–Yellow Raspberry & Black Sugar. I’m curious as to what that scent would smell like. The next time that I’m in the hand soap aisle I will have to find out. Dial just put these products on the shelf last month so you should be able to find them in a soap aisle near you! :-)

What is YOUR favorite hand soap? Better yet, what’s the funniest reason you’ve had to wash your hands?? Do share in the comment section below.

“The Dial Brand sent me this product to review in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.”