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I Made 77 Meatballs During Naptime…

I posted earlier today how I use up bulk amounts of ground beef to get the best bang for my buck AND to save time in preparing it later. See my post here. I mentioned that I was going to be making meatballs with 2.5 pounds of the ground beef along with some italian sausage.

I used 2.5 pounds of ground beef, 2 pounds of sweet italian sausage, italian seasoning, garlic powder, grated parmesan cheese, bread crumbs and 4 eggs beaten to create 77 meatballs (ok, 78, but I had to try one just to make sure they were done). That translates to 7 batches of meatballs which is the equivalent of 7 Spaghetti and Meatball nights at our house. I don’t know about your family but my family LOVES Spaghetti and Meatball night. I’m surprised the smell of the meatballs haven’t woken them up from their naps. :-) Ella begs for this meal.

My meatballs need to cool and then I can transfer them to freezer bags. So in the weeks to come all I have to do is pull a bag out, defrost and add to my favorite pasta sauce to heat through. Pick your favorite pasta and make some garlic bread and you will be nominated for Wife/Mom of the Year. Trust me. :-)

*By the way, the total of meals I prepped ahead for today comes to a whopping 15 meals using 12 lbs of meat.

Want to know how I’ll use all of my meat? Tune in for my next post. In the meantime, how do YOU use ground beef to it’s fullest potential? Or any meat, for that matter?