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Unexpected Free Time

Tomorrow night my adorable munchkins are going to be swept away by Stevan’s parents and sister. Aunt Sher is visiting and asked if the kids could stay with her at Grandma Sally’s and Pappaw Paul’s house (Ezra has dubbed Grandma Sally as Mammaw on is own, by the way) for the weekend.

Why is it hard for us to let our kids go have a mini vacation without us? :-) Not living where grandparents and aunts are around the corner has made us plan everything with our children. We go everywhere together. Sure, there are many moments where I have longed for my mother to be down the block so she could come and entertain my kids on days I feel like they’re annoyed by me. Or just have my mom over to talk during their nap time. I admit it would be nice to know one of the grandmas could come shopping with us because it’s way more fun! A visit to the local park with grandpas make swinging on the swings and playing in the sand a real adventure. But, my kids don’t get these every day chances to see their grandparents so weekend visits are planned instead. I have brave in-laws to take a 22 month old over night, but I’m not worried. My parents had to endure him being sick for a week without us so I know my kids are in good hands wherever grandparents are present. (And, yes, Mom and Dad…you guys totally deserve a re-do week where the kids are healthy.) I’ll still miss my kids, though.

(Ezra just brought me the tv remote he knows he isn’t supposed to touch as I wrote that last line. The little stinker. Yes, I will miss him and his ornery ways. I will miss Ella carrying Tinkerbell around and having random conversations with her and me together about life, too.) I’m glad they get to have fun on a random weekend in April when the skies have been gray and winds cold, though. What an unexpected chance of fun.

We’ve been presented with this chance to have childcare and no specific meetings to attend, just regular office and house work responsibilities. Wow! My list is already growing on what I can accomplish (or not have to….sleeping in on a Saturday–dare we hope?). I wonder what I will really do?? What SHOULD I do? Your opinions are welcome! :-)

*I wonder if I’ll actually miss cleaning this up?