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Blessed By My Husband

I am extremely thankful for my husband.
Handsome Hubby1098156_10151538050981196_2109873875_n

He is more than I could ask for in a partner in this adventure of life! The kids and I all get excited when he walks in the door after leaving the office. Why? Because he is fun and kind and gentle and HILARIOUS! Our family is complete when he enters a room. He is also intentional. He loves with all that he has even when he is exhausted with his never-ending workload that he puts to the back of his mind while playing with his kids. I truly respect him for this. He also gives me time. I don’t have to beg for it. No, I won’t go all of Song of Songs on you (you can read it here), but I just needed the world to know that I am truly blessed to be loved by Stevan Sheets! :-) I thank my God for him daily. May I not take him for granted.

*By the way, if you ever observe me and think I am taking him for granted–call me on it! I’ll appreciate the accountability.1560406_10151805402476196_1334342636_n

Ministry Outside the Office

My husband is a pastor of a local church here in Shippensburg, PA. He wears many hats during the week and usually has to set aside Thursdays for his largest time of sermon-writing. He prefers to visit our local coffee house for this sermon-writing time, but today just didn’t work out for him to go there. He explains more as to why he couldn’t go in his blog post here. Before you run over there to read it (which you MUST do–it’s short, but worth the read), I want to share that I had encouraged him to still find a way to get to the coffee house so he’d be less distracted with other work, but he just felt like he needed to stay at the office.

Less than an hour later, I learned why Stevan still needed to be at the office. Somebody was going to need him. Being at the coffee house may have made it harder for him to leave. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it ended up working out better than either of us could have planned. Read all about it here!

I love my husband. I am amazed at his ability to juggle his calling to ministry with his calling to his family. Today ministry and family meshed together for Stevan and Ella. I pray that my children have a stronger view of the love of their Heavenly Father because of the sacrifices my husband makes to be their Daddy AND their pastor. After reading this and Stevan’s blog, please continue to pray for our family as the Lord continues to allow us to serve Him together. Also, pray Stevan gets that sermon finished. :-)

Family Fun….With Coupons!?!

I like coupons. Actually, I have a higher regard than a mere liking of coupons. They’re golden tickets of goodness just waiting to be used at the right time. Just because you have a coupon doesn’t mean you have to use it immediately, though. Sometimes, you need it in your back pocket for those “just in case” moments. A perfect example would be a trip in the car to the doctor’s office, grocery store or any other place that requires time on the road in a part of the city you aren’t usually in or even in a neighboring city. We live in Shippensburg, PA. Our pediatrician’s office is in Chambersburg, PA, about 20 minutes away. Chambersburg has much more in the way of stores, restaurants, shopping centers and so forth. It has a Target and a Sonic (Strawberry Limeades during Happy Hour anyone?). Since moving to Ship just 10 months ago, I have constantly scoured my inbox and “Google-ed” for coupons that we could use whenever we have to make a family jaunt to Chambersburg (and any other town we might frequent). I signed us up for restaurants’ birthday clubs, always try to be aware of specific times of day where drinks are half price, have alerts sent to my phone for annual store deal reminders, etc. We don’t use all of the coupons and special offers we receive, but knowing they are there should we be headed in that direction allows for my family to have a fun excursion out of town (and we’re not wasting gas in order to use a coupon). Why consider something you must do as a chore that zaps the hours of your morning when it can be a fun family outing instead?

Another way of looking at the idea of having coupons for places of interest is that it will save you from shelling out more than planned on snacks because the doctor’s office was behind or road construction halted traffic for 45 minutes and now the baby needs a diaper change. Let’s call it Family Sanity Insurance, if you will. The next time you need to run errands, consider researching the area for possible gems that will help you out in a pinch and make your day a little brighter.

This same concept can be used for planned vacations where your family will spend extensive amounts of time in a vehicle. Look for all the possible places you could stop and see if any deals correspond with those areas. Better yet, have all the chain restaurants’ coupons handy in case you have to stop for potty breaks. Know of a specific place off the beaten path you want to visit along the trip? See if they have a website and look for a coupon. You could even call and ask for one. Also, travel during a birthday month and one of you may even be able to eat free or get a free dessert.

Change your mindset. Ask yourself, “I wonder what we can get for free or super cheap today?” You may be surprised when you get your answer.

Here’s a recent photo of my kids with my parents. They were visiting last weekend so we headed to Hershey, PA to visit Chocolate World. Yes, we used coupons. :-)

Unexpected Free Time

Tomorrow night my adorable munchkins are going to be swept away by Stevan’s parents and sister. Aunt Sher is visiting and asked if the kids could stay with her at Grandma Sally’s and Pappaw Paul’s house (Ezra has dubbed Grandma Sally as Mammaw on is own, by the way) for the weekend.

Why is it hard for us to let our kids go have a mini vacation without us? :-) Not living where grandparents and aunts are around the corner has made us plan everything with our children. We go everywhere together. Sure, there are many moments where I have longed for my mother to be down the block so she could come and entertain my kids on days I feel like they’re annoyed by me. Or just have my mom over to talk during their nap time. I admit it would be nice to know one of the grandmas could come shopping with us because it’s way more fun! A visit to the local park with grandpas make swinging on the swings and playing in the sand a real adventure. But, my kids don’t get these every day chances to see their grandparents so weekend visits are planned instead. I have brave in-laws to take a 22 month old over night, but I’m not worried. My parents had to endure him being sick for a week without us so I know my kids are in good hands wherever grandparents are present. (And, yes, Mom and Dad…you guys totally deserve a re-do week where the kids are healthy.) I’ll still miss my kids, though.

(Ezra just brought me the tv remote he knows he isn’t supposed to touch as I wrote that last line. The little stinker. Yes, I will miss him and his ornery ways. I will miss Ella carrying Tinkerbell around and having random conversations with her and me together about life, too.) I’m glad they get to have fun on a random weekend in April when the skies have been gray and winds cold, though. What an unexpected chance of fun.

We’ve been presented with this chance to have childcare and no specific meetings to attend, just regular office and house work responsibilities. Wow! My list is already growing on what I can accomplish (or not have to….sleeping in on a Saturday–dare we hope?). I wonder what I will really do?? What SHOULD I do? Your opinions are welcome! :-)

*I wonder if I’ll actually miss cleaning this up?