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A Must Listen: Somewhere Between Nicaragua & New York

A great friend of ours, Scott Troyer, has just recently released a 5-song EP called Somewhere Between Nicaragua & New York on Amazon. You can listen to the samples and then buy the music. It’s less than $5, you’ll be supporting a friend of ours and you’ll like it. What are you waiting for?

Still not convinced you should buy it, yet? My husband is GIVING A COPY AWAY on his blog right now. Hurry to enter! Entries are only received until 5 PM tonight (March 31st)! Check out stevansheets.com for details on how to enter. Good luck! (Rumor has it that Scott, himself, has sweetened the deal!)

If you did listen to the samples or went ahead and purchased the MP3, what do you think? Let us know in the comment section.

Charmin Toilet Paper DEAL!

My husband just alerted me to this slick deal below. I hope some of you can jump on it. We will save at least 6 cents per roll with this deal which evens out to a free pack of toilet paper. I’ll take it! :-)

Amazon.com has a 4 pack of 12 Charmin Ultra Mega Rolls (that’s 48 mega rolls total) for $59.99. Use the $.25 coupon on the item page, plus use this code: PAPERSNS. You can also get 15% off as a susbscribe and save discount which brings your total $44.75 with FREE shipping!

See the product chart below to show you how Mega Rolls compare to Regular Charmin rolls.

I was just at Walmart the other day and bought Charmin BASIC (not the soft Ultra kind featured in this deal) because it was the best price per unit at just under $6 for 12 Big rolls. By doing this deal we get to upgrade our toilet paper and save money!

What are you waiting for? Head to Amazon.com and get your Charmin Deal rolling!