From Toothless to Two Teeth

Yes, my precious Ella decided to have a tooth pop up three weeks ago. Her second popped up earlier this week. Her diapers have also informed me of what’s been going on!:-) She’s so cute with these new white bumps that are always a part of her smile now. Her tongue constantly explores these little teeth with noises that accompany the action. All day, everyday, Ella makes noises and explores her big world (well, big to her because she hasn’t decided to truly crawl, yet–she goes backwards when she tries and gets really frustrated). I can only imagine how small it will seem to her when she can crawl or cruise around the room soon. Then she will want to see everything besides her living room. I’ve got to get this house baby-proofed sooner than later!:-) Right now she mainly rolls everywhere and hasn’t tried to pull up on anything…YET! But, she wants to stand all the time and will even hold on to us by herself to stay standing–maybe she’s going to walk and then crawl? Who knows. Oh, she’s just so stinkin’ cute!

The Amazing Race

Stevan and I are caught up in The Amazing Race All Stars this season. We’re voting for Rob and Amber. They made it to second place once before so we’re rooting for them to take the whole thing this time. I know some are for Uchenna and Joyce but they’ve already won (beat Rob and Amber, actually). I can’t handle Myrna and Smyrna as they are referred to. Those girls are drama, drama, drama.
The beauty queens are surprising me this time, too. Maybe they’ll go farther this time. Usually, when we pick a team to root for they get eliminated by the the third show. It hasn’t happened, yet, so maybe we have a chance. Who are you voting for?


Why is my favorite kind of Chinese food probably the worst thing for me? I love General Tso’s Chicken with fried rice and a side of Crab Rangoon. Yummy! Or, “Yum-O,” as Rachael Ray on the Food Network says. But, there probably wasn’t anything healthy about that entire meal except the bottle of H2O I had with it.

Why does my body want bad food? Why does my mind think about that kind of food?

I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where I craved only healthy foods and felt nauseated over anything fried, super sweet, or fat-laden.

Don’t think that I hate vegetables or healthy foods of any kind. That isn’t true at all. I love green beans, broccoli, and a bunch of other veggies and could eat them with every meal if I had them in abundance. I love salads and whole grains, too. I pretty much lived on yogurt and baby carrots for lunch when I taught, but this kind of food isn’t always available at all the meals I prepare now. Now it seems that even when I do deliberately buy fresh veggies and good for me cereals, I end up not getting them all used up before they get bad or grow bored of them. I like to cook and bake, so why don’t I automatically think of awesome ways to prepare and use these foods?

Am I the only one that gets frustrated and sees this as a dilemma? What happened to me? I ate and cooked way better in high school and college. Now, I just think of what I can make fast. Aagghh!

Well, I feel a smidgen better having blogged about my frustrations. It isn’t General Tso’s fault that I like his chicken so well.:-) Eating it every once in a while is fine (unless I’m restricted due to some physical ailment someday), but I know that I would eat it AND a piece of cheesecake twice a week if I were offered them.

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