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The winds of change are blowing…

Stevan shared this letter to our church this morning:

Church family at Our Savior’s Wesleyan:

Just a month ago God organized a conversation to take place that would ignite an understanding that His plan for the life of Stevan, Jessica, and Ella would soon be changing. We had not anticipated any possible change from doing ministry at Our Savior’s Wesleyan Church a mere year and three months ago when we first arrived to begin being used by God here in Mukwonago. We were prepared and ready for a long-term relationship with this church family and ready to face the tasks that were laid before us.

We have confirmed and been affirmed in our decision to follow God’s leading to move to a new community, a new home, and a new season of ministry in Western Pennsylvania – to be used by God and follow His direction for our lives. This decision brings sorrow, nervousness, and excitement to the lives of the three Sheets living just across the parking lot. We have made commitments to “finish strong” in all areas of involvement here believing that God truly has great-things in store in the life of this body at Our Savior’s Wesleyan long after we’ve transitioned away at the close of September.

We join you in prayer for the future ministry of Our Savior’s Wesleyan believing that God not only has a plan for the Sheets family, but also for the body here in Mukwonago. We ask, too, that you continue to love and support us through prayer and conversation as we make this transition a reality for our young family.

With a humble heart – full of gratitude for all that God has allowed us to accomplish and be a part of here at Our Savior’s Wesleyan.

Stevan, Jessica, and Ella Sheets

Yep. We’re moving. Most of my teapots are still in the boxes from a little over a year ago when we moved here from Warsaw, IN. Of course, they would have been displayed had my cabinet ever been re-furbished (no pressure, Babe). Maybe God knew how much of a pain they are to wrap.

We hope you can pray with us through this transition. Any body want to get rid of some boxes?

This Blog is awesome!

Thanks to my friend, Deanna, I subscribe to this guy’s website and it is hilarious! To give you an example of a funny post, click here. Now, he is pretty sarcastic but he has spiritual truths throughout his posts and just makes you think.

Any blogs that make you want to share them with others? Post them with the address or a link on my comment page, please!

Pastor and Spouse Retreat

We just returned from the Wisconsin District’s Getaway weekend thanks to my parents who came up to stay with Ella. I survived being away from Ella all night for the first time. I missed her badly, but it was nice to be able to be a part of everything without distractions, for once. I did have to hold a nine-month old so I could get my ‘fix’ though!

Stevan put this pic on his site, too! The handicap bathroom shower wasn’t made for tall people, needless to say. He would peek over it when I was brushing my teeth to see how long it would take me to notice! The things you do when you’re in a hotel room without your kids!:-)

Prayer Request

Last night before youth, Stevan got a phone call. It changed the evening. Three senior guys were killed in a car crash from the local high school. Last night turned into a prayer/grieving session. Kids just started coming through the church doors all evening as they got texted or called on their phones from friends already there. Stevan called the school this morning offering his help if the school wanted it. 2 minutes later he was called by the school psychologist asking him to come for the lunches since he already had an established relationship with many of the kids (he visits at lunch time here and there so he already had permission and all that jazz).

Just pray for the kids today as they deal with the news and reality of it. Pray for the parents and families of these boys. They didn’t attend our youth or church services so we don’t know any details about these families backgrounds. Pray for Stevan as he talks to kids and for all the faculty and staff that are counseling these grieving teens and their parents. This could change the senior year for many. Mukwonago is a small community so these kids were known, played sports, and it sounds like they were well-liked. Such a tragedy and we don’t really know much more as of yet. Thanks, in advance for your prayers for Mukwonago, WI today.