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Ella’s Birthday Party

IMG_0093 Ella had her first birthday party last night with both sides of the family. It was awesome to have everyone there at the same time. Here in the photo she is with her cake that she wanted to barely touch. Her daddy put her hands in it which caused her to scream and cry. I guess she’s going to continue being a girly girl! I felt like she kept looking at me for permission to eat something that wasn’t cut up for her–poor girl! It’s as if she couldn’t understand how messy I was letting her get without wiping off her face in between bites. It was definitely stimulation overload. She loved playing with everyone and seeing her new gifts. Here are a few more pictures:

My Wonderful Mom

grammyella.jpg This picture was taken a long time ago in Ella terms, but I think it fits my mom best. She has been a wonderful mom my whole life, but it seems that she has been coming to our aid quite frequently since Ella has been born. Yes, some of you probably think it’s because she just wants to see her granddaughter, but sometimes Ella has slept more than visited with her and Grandma didn’t try to wake her up. Instead my mom has come at a moment’s notice when one or more of us is sick to lend a helping hand, to watch Ella because she didn’t feel good and I didn’t want to bring her out for something we had to attend, and of course she comes when she has a day off telling us to go have a date.

We are so appreciative of my Mom and we tell her this, but I think the rest of the world needs to know how great she is, too.

I know we may not always get to live close to my mom or my mother-in-law so I am so very thankful for the time we have now. I’m glad that all this crazy stuff with Stevan is going on while we still live closer than two hours to my parents. Mom is even coming tomorrow so that I can go to choir practice (I have to sing for the Palm Sunday service). Stevan plans on watching Ella, but if he has another episode like Wednesday night, there is no way he could watch her all by himself. My mom had a weekend planned with her friends in Indy, but she gave it up to come watch her granddaughter. I didn’t even ask her to, she brought it up herself. Thanks to her “ya ya” friends (my dad dubbed them that), too for understanding why mom wanted to skip the weekend.

Another thing about my mom that never ceases to amaze me is how fast she gets housework done. I am so inefficient that I drive myself nuts and end up taking longer than I need to because I fret over how long things take me. Mom, on the other hand, gets the laundry folded while I’m in the restroom or something and I come back to help and two loads are done–I don’t take that long in the restroom, either–unless I have a good book in there. Ha! She seems to always get my laundry under control or dishes done while she visits whether I’m there or not.

Oh and have I mentioned that she always looks good, too? I’m not kidding! I have to remember to put make-up on now, but my mom always has to take her lipstick off before kissing Ella. She’s the first to tell me to take some time for myself to do my hair or make-up if I want to. It always helps my frame of mind when I know I don’t look like a dead mommy so I appreciate that thoughtfulness in my mom, as well.

I am only sharing this because I know she would tell on herself about this: I think her only flaw that stands out is that she is usually late, but that just makes her cuter! She’ll call with a hilarious reason why she hasn’t left yet, and I just reassure her that the fact that she is coming is all that really matters. Plus, it makes me remember that she is human.

I’m working on being more like my mom, but in the meantime….thanks for being such a fabulous mom and grandmother, Mom! I can’t wait to be more like you some day. I’m sure Stevan can’t wait for that, either. I’m kidding, he is very patient with my inefficiencies.