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Free YoMommy Yogurt!

Click here for your free coupon! The YoBaby yogurt was great for Ella. It’s made with whole milk and one of the first things she ate after cereal. This stuff will be great, too. I’m sure it’s even more beneficial if you’re pregnant or nursing (no, I’m not either, as of now). Just thought I’d save the hints and questions!

Thanks, again, to Heather at Freebies4Moms!

Wishful Wednesday

Do you ever wish you could get everything done on your List of Life?

I have a huge one, with the top one being–Pick up house (meaning IT IS ALREADY CLEAN!)

I stink at housekeepingthere I admit it openly. I have really great intentions but don’t follow through to the end–not knowing where to put something overwhelms me and I walk away. Maybe that’s why I like putting Ella’s clothes away–they all go together and fit on little hangers looking adorable and ready to wear.

So, I am going to list some things that I wish to accomplish today. Wishes can come true, but maybe looking at it this way will make me feel really successful if some of them come true instead of being down if some do not. Here goes:

1. De-clutter kitchen table so all I have to do it set it tonight for dinner
2. Vacuum the house/Mop kitchen and bathrooms
3. Finish filing my 800 coupons–I’m turning into a nut, but I got the greatest deal on Jane Cosmetics at Walgreens two days ago because of *this website and this coupon.
4. Go to another Walgreens for the deal!
5. Have dinner ready when Stevan needs to eat it so he can relax before life group tonight

*Now, after you check out the deal and print off at least 8 coupons, please read all of the comments on this chick’s blog because some Walgreens make it a big deal that you’re walking away with free stuff. In fact, I walked out with 8 make up products and only paid $2.45 on Monday with no questions asked, but they wouldn’t let me use internet coupons the next day. So, go to more than one if they make it tough on you because my sister was able to get a bunch of stuff at her Walgreens in Marion, IN last night without any questions asked.

Five wishes–I can do it!:-) Pray for me. I have one on-going one, too–Work with Ella on picking up her toys! Any tips?

What do you wish for??

Saturday Sleep and Savings

It is a typical Saturday and I decided to run to the store to get milk and bread. When I arrived, I realized that it was busier than usual due to the upcoming Packers game tomorrow night–ummm….I’m pretty sure us Colts fans don’t do our team justice compared to these die-hard fans. This is the game that determines if they’re in the Superbowl–whoopty do! Everybody was getting party food and I have never seen so much alcohol going through the scanners in under 30 min. (I was the only one in my long check-out line not to have any sort of alcohol–needless to say I had the cheapest bill–the people in front of me rang up over a hundred bucks on what seemed like nothing but cat food, milk and buns so it had to be the booz).

Anyway, I came home ready to apologize for taking forever only to be met by silence. I walked out of the kitchen to find Stevan and Ella both sound asleep on the couch. They didn’t even move when I walked in. So, I decided not to get the camera and risk waking their peaceful slumber–so cute!

But, I wanted to tell Stevan of my great news, so you guys get to hear it instead! I had two coupons for a certain brand of peanut butter and knew the local store had that brand on sale for a dollar. Each coupon was for a $1 off, too! I know, I know! It’s too good to be true, right? I wasn’t sure if I could get by with getting two jars in one purchase, but sure enough, I walked away with two free jars of peanut butter. I also walked away with Electrosol 3-in-1 Power Tabs for the dishwasher for $1.25–these are regularly $4 something but were on sale and I had a $2.25 off coupon! That made them cheaper than Wal-Mart’s cheapest gel stuff (that doesn’t get Gerber oatmeal off sometimes)! Oh, yeah–I saved a total of $4.85 for 2 gallons of milk, some trial bags of coffee, bananas, dishwasher stuff, peanut butter and a loaf of bread! I saved $10 something all together! Woo hoo!

So, this post is dedicated to Natalie, Marsha, Karen and Cindy for giving me your Sunday paper coupons that you don’t use and a special thanks to the mysterious person/family who bought us a subscription to the Sunday paper (at least we think that’s what happened since it arrives in our driveway every week). Thanks for helping me stay on our grocery budget and get extra stuff in the bargain!:-)