Buying Meat in Bulk…How Do You Save $$?

After Ella left for preschool this morning, I put Ezra in his high chair with his breakfast and went to work. I had picked up 10.20 lbs of Ground Beef at our local Giant the other day and it needed some attention. I quickly separated 2.5 lbs of the meat to put aside for Homemade Italian Meatballs that I would add Italian Sausage to later today. With the remainder of the meat, I packaged four individual pounds of ground beef and stuck them in the freezer. I had the rest of the meat browning on the stove in two skillets. I seasoned both with steak seasoning, garlic powder and Italian Seasoning. I drained both and then, using a 1 cup measuring cup, I put 2 cups of prepared meat into a quart sized freezer bag. 2 cups prepared is approximately 1 lb raw so, again, I separated those into 1 lb packages. I ended up with 4 packages of prepped meat, 4 raw and the remaining will be the meatballs. All of that took less than an hour while Ezra ate his breakfast. The meatballs will take another hour to make, bake, cool and freeze. I should have at least 13 meals covered for these 2 hrs of labor.

I also need to mention that I got this meat in 5 lbs packages at $2.29 a lb. Lately, I’ve not been able to find $1.99 a lb for ground beef and was shocked when $2.49 was the best that was available for this entire month. When I found the $2.29 sticker I bought two packages instantly (I had a $10 off coupon from buying frozen food earlier in the week so we only paid for one of those packages of meat–not bad, don’t you think?).

What do you buy in bulk? How do you preserve it? How do you plan ahead of time when buying bulk???

A not so great picture of the inside of my freezer, but you get the idea (the cooked meat is in the front, the raw in the back)

5 thoughts on “Buying Meat in Bulk…How Do You Save $$?”

  1. I tried to post yesterday but for some reason wasn’t able to, weird. Anyway, we always buy our beef from local farmers. We get a half cow at a time and it is already prepackaged how we like it. 1 and 2 lb packages for ground meat and 3-5 lb roasts. We started buying them not only for the savings but also because we know where the meat comes from and what (if any) vaccines they use. After wrapping and freezing costs it is under $2 a lb. That includes ground beef, various cuts of roasts, steaks including filet and DelMoninco cuts, stew meat, etc. The major investment was a freezer, which we got at a scratch and dent sale for under a hundred dollars. Last fall our half cow was right around 250 lbs of meat which should last us for a year. The final cost averages out to be about $50 a month for our beef. This also keeps our weekly grocery bill down since the only meat I have to buy is chicken and seafood (we are buying a half pig too).

  2. Thanks for sharing, Joanie! That’s awesome how much you save for all of those different cuts of meat! Wow! I miss cubed steak and sirloin steaks and roasts. Those are rare in our house, not even once a month sometimes. Part of a pig would be great for us, too. Ella LOVES sausage and bacon. She prefers Italian sausage, of all things, on her pizza and in pasta. I think she could survive on bacon, if need be, as well.

  3. Jess, a pig may be perfect for you guys. It is under $200 for a half pig and that includes a huge ham (holidays), pork chops, pork tenderloins, bacon, sausage in various flavors, and pork roasts. Bacon is sooo expensive these days, it is a treat for us to have it.

  4. I know what you mean about bacon! If I find a deal, I buy 3 packages and freeze it. The same with Italian Sausage!

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