Church Membership–What Are YOUR Thoughts?

My husband’s latest blog post shares this excellent article from Pastor Matt Chandler of The Village Church near Dallas, TX explaining church membership and if it is biblical. It resonated with me and I am curious about your thoughts on the subject. I am a pastor’s wife so membership isn’t something I have to consider every time we are called to pastor a new church. We are called to a specific church therefore we become members of that church–the church we feel the Lord has chosen for us to get to know, be involved in, minister to and with, etc… I haven’t “scoped out and chosen to attend” a church since my college days. So, help me walk in YOUR shoes. Are you a member of a church? If you are, why and how long have you been a member? If you are not a member, do you attend a specific church regularly? If so, have you pursued membership, yet? Why or why not? I am truly interested in any and all of these answers. Also, what do you think of the article? Is it on or off base to you? Please share your thoughts so we can chat.

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