Purex Complete with Zout GIVEAWAY!!

I am a Purex Insider and have been sent products from the Purex brand to try and give my opinion on. About two months ago I did a product review of Purex Complete With Zout here. I am a big fan of this laundry detergent. So far, every time I have pretreated a nasty stain with this stuff, the stain has come out–even on my little boy’s dress shirts.

I am pleased to announce my FIRST GIVEAWAY! I am giving away FREE bottles of Purex Complete with Zout. I will select two winners at random and will mail the winners a coupon for a FREE bottle of this great detergent. There are up to four ways to enter. This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents at this time. The giveaway will close on Monday, May 22, 2011 at 11:59 pm.

Ways to Enter the Giveaway:

1st entry: In the comment section, share your tried and true method of removing stains. Be sure to provide your email address in the space provided before leaving your comment (I will be the only one to see your email address and will need it to contact you if you win).
2nd entry: Subscribe to my blog (Look in the top right hand corner for a link to the RSS feed–it’s orange and white) then come back here and leave a separate comment saying you’ve subscribed.
3rd entry: Blog about my giveaway on your own blog and leave a link to this post. Come back here and leave a separate comment sharing the link to your blog post.
4th entry: Follow me: @jsheets on Twitter. Tweet about this giveaway with a link back to this specific post. Come back here and leave a separate comment with your twitter handle and the link to your tweet.

Purex provided me with this product to try, but the opinions are completely my own. Purex also provided the product coupons for this giveaway.

21 thoughts on “Purex Complete with Zout GIVEAWAY!!”

  1. I have used Spot Remover, but on grass stains my aunt swears by peeing on the stain…personally I’m not down with that yet lol :) Currently we’re using the new Tide drop-in things that we got on sale at CVS really cheap that help remove stains in the load. They are not too bad and I’ve noticed an enhanced color from some clothes. :)

  2. I usually use purex as a stain remover, just making sure that I treat it ahead of time. And for ink, I use hairspray.

  3. Having kids it seems like every article of clothing is stained…I use my tide scrub brush and pour laundry soap right on the clothing and scrub away.

  4. I’m lucky to keep up on my laundry, let alone remember to pretreat! I do try to put liquid detergent directly on any stains, but I do need to get better as JRG starts eating more, getting into more things!! Will be watching your comments to get some good ideas 😉

  5. I am following your blog Jess — fun to actually know one of the deal bloggers i follow! :)

  6. Stains have always been a challenge! My mother has used homemade soap for years, but today’s stains don’t seem to be completely removed with it! I have tried so many combinations without total success. I would LOVE to try the Purex with Zout!

  7. Great blog, Jess. (1) I usually spray the stain with spray and wash, pour a little liquid Tide directly on the stain, add water and rub the fabric together. Toss it in the washer along with one of those Tide stain release bags and wah-lah, no stain. (2) If it is an article of light-colored clothing that is really stained and I can’t seem to remove it, as a last ditch effort, I run hot water in the washer first, add laundry soap and about 3/4 cup of bleach to a large load, FIRST let the washer begin to agitate then toss in the article of clothing with other whites. I figure what do I have to lose. It’s unwearable as it is. This often gives kids clothing a new life. (Great thing to do right before a garage sale:) Kids clothes seem to be more color-safe than adult clothing. With whites,tans and knits you have to be a little more careful if there are label instructions against chlorine bleach because it can cause them to become gray or orange. I wouldn’t do this to dark colored clothing though, but it often works with pastels.

  8. I use a stain remover with oxy boost in it! It works great for stains that have been sitting awhile!

  9. There are a couple of ways in which I remove stains. One way is I use OxyClean Stain remover and I let it soak on the stain for about 15-30 minutes. Afterwards, I rinse the stain remover off and throw the clothes in the wash. I have also been known to use a degreaser on the stain (such as detergant/soap) and I let it soak in and then I rinse in warm water. After, I put the clothes in the wash. These methods seem to work well.

    I like Purex but have never tried it with Zout. :-)

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